Rachel One Love Vendor Application

Rachel One Love Vendor Application and Agreement

Historical Virginia Key Beach Park,

4020 Virginia Beach Drive, Miami, FL 33149

Saturday, November 30th. 2019 From 3 PM to 2 AM

Set-up no later than 11 AM & Main Show Starts at 6 PM

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Vendor Information, Application, Governance of Participation, Payment Methods & Agreement.

Vendor Code of Ethics Requirements, Services and Product Information Provisions
  1. Booth participants must be workers & adhered to the event and booth rules and regulations.
  2. They must provide ethical and moral representation of not only at their booth station, but as well on behalf of ROLF, and for the general public.
  3. Each booth Owner/Adm; and their staff members, must adhered to the all the Rules & Regulations according the State, County and City of Miami requirements.
  4. Everyone will be required to provide their full legal ID information and, sign a, “Hold Harmless, Release Waiver”.
  5. Addendum Sheet, Notarize, with copies of their Legal ID. Notaries can be acquire on site, during our two event meetings.
  6. Those items, must accompany each application prior to engaging in submitting the vendor application to ROLF.
  7. Attached with any pre-required local or state permit certification, Licenses or liability event insurance, as well.
Each vendor, must also submit a digital full-face picture, of everyone participating in their booth, as register in their application above.
Event participation Space and Booth rental information and requirements
SPECIAL VIP Stage and Promotional PROVISIONS Opportunities: Special VIP Stage requested time allowment, appearances request (no more than two (5) mins. throughout the event day (could be opening/closing or in between performance’s). It will require a special pre-production program, stage, stage engineers, MC, set-up donation fee, of $1,500-$5K, which 10% will go to ROLSP directly. VIP will received a W-9 form, and letter of appreciation, website acknowledgement as well. All presentation statements and materials, must first be provided to the event Adm; prior to presentation, as VIP must brand their participation web.

(Promoters, must have event liability insurance and have ROLF/LON, et. all; as an additional rider on it, and submit copies to our office (15 days, prior to the event-no excuse). All items machines or services information and materials, must be first pre-submitted and for approval, no later than the week before the event by (Nov 20/). *Additional: Tents, tables or chairs, must be requested no longer than 1 week before the event, and will incurred an additional fees: Tents $900. Tables $20. max (4)/Chr. $5 max (2)

Sec. (5) The above participating registration, listed above will include the following items/amenities:
  1. (1) Reg. 10’X10’, tent, (2) chairs, (4) vendor passes, and (2) parking passes.
  2. Electricity will be provided (110 Volts) - Generators are allowed, (must have noise reduction system).
  3. Must have on display the date of the event if selling food; prepared or on site cooked food, the pre-required and registration certification from the State of Florida Department of Agriculture. Please keep in mind to practice: Time-Temperature constant requirements.
  4. Any required liability insurance or bonding, as detail above. For both food/natural juices/tonics, and (pre-pared/site cooked, bottle/package), Health testing, or event participants, physical contact activities or inappropriate behavior.
  5. NO water or beverages of any kind, are not allowed. “NO” selling of “ICE”. Vendor may purchase from the event ice, but only for vendor personal commission, food prepping, and food maintence requirements.
  6. Any and all images, including music/sound, or photos, for sale- other than for the promotional usage of the event itself, provided back to the event owners/legal rep; and/or just the media with no dollar value compensation), must be submitted, for review by pre-approve by total event owners/rep; and for any gainful financial sale, and distribution; other than event registered recognized certified local, national and international media outlets. During and post event activities.
  7. Participants, can and are encouraged to equally promote the event, on all their social media sites, and distribute, promotional materials, at their business location event flyers/posters, and display the event information link on their website. Remember, it’s not all about how much money you make or head count you get at RLONF; it’s more important, that we mutually agree and achieve the opportunity, to promote swimming safety, training and activities. To help save lives, and brand, youth swimming safety awareness, through the Rachel One Love Swim program.
(6) Participant registration fees, and/or sponsors contribution commitment:
  • PLEASE MAKE ALL Payments types, to: “Rachel Love Our Nation”.
  • The participants payments with association with all special participants providing in any payment methods, and must be post dated or received, by or before Nov 15st. In our office, in order to qualify for the above early bird payment rates.
  • All payments must be received in full payment no later than by November 25th, any payment their after, will incurred an additional “Non-Refundable Fee” of $50;, to secure late Adm. processing, banking translation, incidentals, and late participation requirements fee.
All other pre-requisite local, state, federal registration, certifications, or licenses, registrations, purchases, payment and pulling, are the sole responsibility of the participating vendor(s), whether sole individual, group, company or corporation  
Sec. (7) Compliance Meeting & Certificate Requirement:
  1. Vendors must submit (text/email) proof of all required docs, prior to the event meeting or during the meeting date, and show hardcopy proof prior to setting-up, thereafter display it.
There will be (2) vendor/participants, overview and notary meetings, imperative/required for vendor to attend

By signing below, I hereby acknowledge that I have completely read and fully understand the Rachel One Love Vendor Guidelines.