Unlock a world of possibilities for your youth with our unique “Earth 2 Table” Reading and Math After School Program. Dive into a rich tapestry of learning where the wonders of our planet merge seamlessly with the foundations of reading and math.

Love Our Nation After School Program


Love Our Nation is a nonprofit 501c3, established in the State of Florida in 2013.  Our mission is to educate and empower youth with life skills that will enable them to be healthy and productive contributors in creating a more prosperous and loving community. The key initiatives of Love Our Nation are focused on the areas of Health, Education and Preservation of the Environment.

Our Programs:

Love Our Nation has served the Dania Beach Community since 2015.  This began with the Earth 2 Table gardening program at C. W. Thomas Community Center and The Dania Beach Patch; and then expanded to an after school safe zone resource to support  our beautiful children with  homework assistance (through the help of volunteer tutors), health and nutrition (in partnership with FLIPANY and Loafing Around), dance classes and wellness (in partnership with Developing Dream Foundation ), financial literacy (in partnership with SUN Credit Union), golf classes (with 1st Tee of Broward), and various field trips to provide exposure and new experiences.

As a nonprofit, Love Our Nation is funded through the generous support of local volunteers, a limited donor base, and in-kind donations.


“From this day forward, I will always have a positive attitude, and be kind and respectful to everyone that I meet. I will dress as the professional that I one day aspire to become.

I understand that everything begins with me and I accept full responsibility for all my actions.  Everyday, from the moment I wake up, I will make healthy food choices in order to take good care of my body.

School is my FIRST priority because knowledge is power.  I will ALWAYS LOVE MYSELF (say it twice), treat others the way I want to be treated and be the BEST that I can be!

I, _________________________________________, pledge to never give up!”



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