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The Ghana Project was organized with the intent to assist in facilitating the purchasing of urgently needed equipment & supplies for the new born/neonatal nursery in St. Luke’s Missionary Hospital Apam, Gomoa West District in Central Ghana.

The hospital serves a community of approximately 182,000. The average number of births per months is between 63 and 77.  Due to poor pre-natal care for there is a high incidence of newborns requiring intensive care.

The hospital suffers from an extreme lack of equipment & supplies. Consequently, there are 3 – 6 newborn deaths per month. The Ghana Project Fund Raising Raffle proceeds will be used entirely to for the purchase of those items needed by the medical & nursing staff to help in securing their goal of “every child born gets a fair chance to live”.

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Our hearts are filled with joy. We would like to thank each and every one of our donors, sponsors & facilitators in person, unfortunately that is not possible. Each of you helped to make the Ghana Project Fund Raiser Raffle as huge success.  

On August 19th 2021 via Zoom the raffle drawing took place while the staff at St Lukes Hospital in Ghana looked on. Congratulations to 1st Place winner Janise Pinnock ,  2nd place winner Amaya McIntyre and the 3rd place winner Dawn Golding.. They have each been informed.

Our primary goal as stated was to raise funds to purchase items needed to provide critical care for unstable newborns in the nursery at St Luke. The equipment identified by the staff as the most urgently needed is an Incubator. The cost for the Incubator is $3500. To date the amount raised from the fund raiser raffle & donations is $1845.90, we are so appreciative. 

On behalf of the babies, the nursery staff and hospital administration at St  Luke Hospital  “Da wo ase” Thank you & Blessings.

Continued donations will be greatly appreciated .

Suggested donations:

  • $10
  • $25

From Sister Joy & Sister Carol, many thanks we will continue to do our work in assisting those who cannot help themselves. If you would like to participate please feel free to contact us.

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