Welcome to the Ghana Project Fund Raising Raffle

The Ghana Project was organized with the intent to assist in facilitating the purchasing of urgently needed equipment & supplies for the new born/neonatal nursery in St. Luke’s Missionary Hospital Apam, Gomoa West District in Central Ghana.

The hospital serves a community of approximately 182,000. The average number of births per months is between 63 and 77.  Due to poor pre-natal care for there is a high incidence of newborns requiring intensive care.

The hospital suffers from an extreme lack of equipment & supplies. Consequently, there are 3 – 6 newborn deaths per month. The Ghana Project Fund Raising Raffle proceeds will be used entirely to for the purchase of those items needed by the medical & nursing staff to help in securing their goal of “every child born gets a fair chance to live”.

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Entering the raffle is easy! Just make a donation to the Ghana Project sponsored by For The Love of Our Nation Foundation.

Suggested donations:

  • $10 (one raffle ticket)
  • $25 (three raffle tickets)
  • 1st Prize : An Outfit (Male or Female) from Kani’s Beauty *
  • 2nd Prize : Djembe Drum by Hator *
  • 3rd Prize : Sterling Silver or Beaded Bracelet by Princess Anasa *
  • * Winners outside of the US will receive comparable prizes
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The Ghana Project Fund Raising Raffle

Winners be announced on 8/19/2021 10:00 am EST and 2:00 PM GHT via Zoom Meeting :

  • Meeting ID: 703 854 5976
  • Passcode: 5JLDwK